Number Series

Number Series: Number Series Questions PDF is Available Here!!! In coming days, many competitive exams will be announced and huge number of candidates will have applied for the exams. So competition of the exam is crucial, if candidates those who want to crack the examination must do smart work on their exam preparation. In advance, many candidates may have started their preparation before the exam announcement gets released. From this, you can understand the current scenario of the competition and how difficulty it was. Because of more eligible candidates applied for the exams, it also getting tougher and tougher every year. So candidates need to start their preparation right now for their upcoming examination and be aware about the announcement of the exams. Usually all the competitive exams have some common sections in their exam pattern such as general knowledge, reasoning, quantitative analysis, English Language. Within this Quantitative analysis section is more crucial than other section. Because this section is quite time consuming and having more tricky questions. Candidates must have to know the problem solving formula and methodology to find the accurate answer. Crucial part is that problem calculation takes more time and all the options are equally identically as correct answer so finding high accuracy answers for Quantitative analysis is quite challenging. But this is possible by the candidates those only prepare and practice with quantitative analysis question and answer pdf regularly. In quantitative analysis, mostly all the topics are common for all competitive exams. Among these topics Number Series is more familiar among the aspirants. Because Number Series Questions is asked all type of competitive exams in recent days. In Number Series questions, candidates must have to grab the relations between the numbers which is given in the series, according to the relations behind the number series we have find out the next number or in between numbers of the series. The relation of number series may be multiples of 2 or 3 or any other number, dividend and remainder may be same, difference between two consecutive numbers may same and perfect squares of the consecutive or odd/ even numbers. Like this the relation between the numbers in the series may differ and complicated we have to find the relations first then we can find the correct answer. To minimize the time consume, candidates must have to know about the shortcut tricks which is used to find the relations of numbers quickly. For that candidates have to gather number series question and answer pdf to practice their skills frequently. Practicing is the only key to score more marks and reduce the time consumption in number series topics. Here we have provided some examples for number series questions in the competitive exams. Number Series: To find the relations, candidates should have to good in mathematical tables and basic formula. Here we have given some common patterns of number series Problems. 1. Perfect Square Series (4, 9, 16, 25, ?) 2. Perfect Cube Series (8, 27, 64, ?) 3. Arithmetic Series (2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, ?) 4. Geometric Series (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, ?) 5. Find out Odd Number in the Series 6. Find out missing numbers in the series? Examples: 1. Find the Wrong number in the number series 46, 52, 60, 70, 82, 95. a) 46 b) 52 c) 60 d) 70 e) 95 Solution: The pattern of the series is 46+ 6= 52, 52+8 = 60, 60+10= 70, 70+12= 82, 82+14= 96 But the given number is 95 instead of 96 so the wright answer is option e. 95. Like this many number series pattern will be there, so candidates must have to work out various pattern number series for that candidates must have to collect high quality number series question pdf, high quality means tricky and various pattern numbers series will present in the number series questions pdf and aspirants have to practice regularly with this number series questions pdf. For that we have given high quality number series question pdf having answers with detailed explanation. Our number series question and answer pdf having plenty of tricky and various pattern questions which were prepared based on new pattern of exam and syllabus. Candidates can download our Number series Questions PDF to score more marks in your exams.