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Input Output

Nowadays many recruitment competitive exams are announced every year periodically. Huge numbers of candidates have applied for the recruitment competitive exams and even they have started their prepared before the announcement of the exams will come. Each candidate should have to put their 100% hard work to compete in recent competitive exams. Because massive numbers of aspirants are willing to participate in nation wise recruitments, so difficulty level also increased over last 3 years. So aspirants must have to enrich their capability towards their exams. For that they have to prepare an effective study plan based on new exam pattern and syllabus of the respective competitive exam. Mostly all the competitive exams have some traditional section in their exam pattern such as reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude, english language. For each section, some allowed questions will be framed based on the new exam pattern of the exam. Among these sections reasoning is most significant because reasoning is quite easy to understand and comparatively simple to solve. So many aspirants have idea about reasoning sections, and each want to score more marks in this section to uplift their total scores. Another important aspect is there is no formula calculation is in reasoning section. Candidates only catch the logic and follow some tips to solve the reasoning questions. If they grab the logic within minimum time, they can also save more time from this section. Because of less complication, candidates can easily find out the answer with high accuracy. In reasoning sections, questions will be asked from many topics. Among all topics Input Output is one of the crucial topic because it seems like complicated and more time consuming than others, But if you follow the shortcuts to find out the solution, this topic is high scoring in reasoning section. Initially Input Output topic looks more difficult, but once you understand the methods truly it will be easy for you. There will be 4 to 5 questions in Input Output topic is present in recent competitive exams. So the candidates must do enough preparation and practice to get all 4 or 5 marks in Input Output questions. For that aspirants should have to collect Input Output Questions PDF having high quality questions based on new exam pattern and syllabus. To select the high quality Input Output Question PDF, candidates must have to know sample of Input Output Questions, for that we have given some examples of Input Output Questions. Aspirants have made a look on it to get clear in Input Out Questions. Directions: Study the following information to answer the given questions. A word and number arrangement machine when given an input line of words and numbers rearranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement. (All the numbers are twodigit numbers.) Input: yellow jovial 48 cross truth 20 connect staff that 78 Step I: 20 truth yellow jovial 48 cross connect staff that 78 Step II: 20 truth 48 jovial yellow cross connect staff that 78 Step III: 20 truth 48 jovial 78 that yellow cross connect staff Step IV: 20 truth 48 jovial 78 that yellow staff cross connect Step V: 20 truth 48 jovial 78 that yellow staff connect cross Step V is the last step of the rearrangement. As per the rules followed in the above steps, find out in each of the following questions the appropriate step for the following input. Input: union magnet 89 chalk 21 absorb liverpool black honest 11 everyday Question 1: What is the position of ‘black’ in Step IV? a) 9th from the left b) 11th from the left c) 2nd from the right d) 4th from the right e) None of these Solutions: It first arranges one number and one word in each step till all the numbers are arranged in ascending order. The words that are arranged together with numbers are those words which are preceding the numbers in inputs. Rests of the words are arranged in reverse alphabetical order. Input: union magnet 89 chalk 21 absorb liverpool black honest 11 everyday Step I. 11 honest union magnet 89 chalk 21 absorb liverpool black everyday Step II. 11 honest 21 chalk union magnet 89 absorb liverpool black everyday Step III. 11 honest 21 chalk 89 magnet union absorb liverpool black everyday Step IV. 11 honest 21 chalk 89 magnet union liverpool absorb black everyday Step V. 11 honest 21 chalk 89 magnet union liverpool everyday absorb black Step VI. 11 honest 21 chalk 89 magnet union liverpool everyday black absorb Answer: C This kind of Input Output Questions will be asked in competitive examination. As above said, Input Output Questions are looks difficulty but it really easy to grab the logic. Yes, In starting it will take more time solve, but if you continuously prepare with Input Output Questions, surely you can easily solve the question with high accuracy and less time duration. For that we IBPS Guide has provide Input Output Reasoning Questions PDF for the candidates those who want to concentrate on this topic and to score more marks in Input Output reasoning questions in their competitive exams. Our professional team has prepared these questions based on previous year questions. So surely our Input Output Reasoning Questions will guide you to score more marks in your competitive exams..