Puzzles Questions and Answers PDF:

Puzzle Questions and answers PDF is Available Here!!! As we all know, many upcoming recruitment competitive exams are comes in recent days. Huge number of aspirants is eagerly waiting to participate in the competitive exams to grab their job. So competition goes tougher and tougher than previous year, to compete in the tough competition candidates must have to do something smart and unique. For that candidates can start their preparation towards their upcoming exams before exam date will announce. Once the schedule for the exams will be released, we can push their preparation and also practice our skills and validate our preparation before exams. If any part of our preparation found lagging means, it can be easily overcome by spending more time to prepare that part before examination is added advantage. To start your preparation before recruitment notice/ exam date announcement is simple, just accumulate recent exam pattern and syllabus which is appropriate for your upcoming exams and make a plan to cover all the topics of your syllabus.

Commonly all the competitive exams have standard sections like reasoning, quantitative aptitude, general knowledge. Candidates must have to concentrate on all the sections because it will be present in all the competitive exams like SSC, Bank, and all PSC exams. So candidates must have to prepare in advance to compete in nationwide or state wide competitive exams. Among these standard sections, reasoning is high scoring part with simple logic concepts. Candidates can target reasoning section to boost their total marks because reasoning is less complicated and also consumes less time when comparatively other sections. Once you understand the logics you can easily find the answers with high accuracy. But candidates must need enough practice to catch the logic within short time. All the topics of the reasoning sections are remain unchanged for all competitive exams, Puzzle is one those topics in reasoning section. Puzzle questions are framed based on some sort of direction paragraph having information of some logic. The logics have some category of arrangement like age, seating arrangement, marks etc.

Candidates read the direction passage carefully to find the logics between the given parameters or data. Based on the logic, aspirants can answer the questions. From each direction passage 5 to 6 questions will be asked, so candidates only read the single passage to get 5 to 6 marks. Aspirants compare the given numbers of date to make the order of small to large or vice versa. Based on the order of date, candidates can answers the puzzle questions. Here we have provided, some puzzle questions and answer as examples.

Example 1: Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. Eleven person lives in eleven floor building. U lives fourth floor from the bottom. Two person lives between U and Z. V lives two floor above U. Four person lives between V and T. X lives below V. Six person lives between X and Q. R lives just below X but not on bottom most floors. Number of person lives between Q and P is as same as number of person lives between U and P. P live above U. S doesn’t live adjacent to Q. Y and W are not adjacent to each other. U is not adjacent to W.

  1. Who lives in third floor when counted from the bottom?

a) Q

b) Z

c) X

d) P

e) None of these

2. How many person lives between U and P?


b) None


d) Three

e) More than three

3. Which of the following statement is correct?

a)S lives just below P

b) Q and V lives in odd numbered floor when counted from the bottom

c) T lives in the bottom most floor

d) Y and U are adjacent to each other

e) None of the statement is correct

4. Who among the following lives just above U?

a) The one who lives in fifth floor from the bottom

b) The one who lives just below V

c) Q d) T e) Both (a) and (b)

5. If Q is related to S, W is related to P, V is related to U, in the same way X is related to which of the following person?

a) Y

b) P

c) R

d) Z

e) T


  1. Answer: C
  2. Answer: A
  3. Answer: D
  4. Answer: E
  5. Answer: D