Syllogism: Syllogism Questions PDF is Available for Download!!! In recent days, numerous numbers of competitive exams would be come in future. Obviously Upcoming recruitment exams are highly competitive, because many candidates have started their preparation before recruitment notice will release. Candidates must have to do smart preparation and experience enough practice to compete in the competitive exams. For that first aspirants must have to collect appropriate exam pattern and syllabus for the concerned competitive exams. Then prepare an effective plan to cover all the topics before the release of the recruitment notice. So every candidate must have to continue their preparation in daily manner before the announcement of exam date, once the exam date got released then candidates can rush their preparation and practice towards your competitive exams. Before start the preparation in quite easy, because most of the competitive exams have some common sections such as general intelligence and reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, general knowledge etc. Comparatively, reasoning is significant sections and quite easy to solve with high accuracy and time manageable. Many candidates may target reasoning section to score more marks in their exams. To solve reasoning questions, candidates only concentrate on all concepts and logical tips. Understanding the logical concepts is the key to score more marks in reasoning questions. If you catch the logic, then you can find the solutions with less time and high accuracy. Among all topics of reasoning section, Syllogism is quite tricky is the true factor, but if you grab the concepts in detail, you can easily solve the syllogism questions. Syllogism questions are set of verbal one or more statements along with conclusions at the end. Candidates can find the possibility of the given conclusions. For that we have to follow some rules and factors to track the logic of the syllogism question. Usually, all the competitive exams are allocated 5 to 6 marks for syllogism questions. Candidates can follow the logical factors to grab all 5 to 6 marks from the syllogism questions. Here we have providedsome tips to solve syllogism questions. 1. Make a venn diagram based on statement is always helpful to understand the logic 2. So try to know how to draw venn diagrams for given statement 3. Follow some logical possibilities to find out conclusion possibilities Venn Diagrams Based on Statements: Statement Type 1: Some A is B This venn diagram is applicable for the statement Some A is B and possible conclusions are some A is B and Some B is A. Statement Type 2: Some A is B and Some B is C This Venn diagram can be used when type 2 statement is given and possible conclusions are Some A is B and Some B is C and No A is C and also vice versa possible conclusions will be applicable. Note: This type of venn diagram will be same for these concepts of statement types nad possible conclusions. Statement Type 3: All A is B and All B is C Possible Conclusions are: 1. All A is B, All B is C and All A is C and vice versa 2. Some C is A and Some C is B and Some B is A and vice versa Statement Type 4: Some A is B and All B is C Possible Conclusions: 1. Some A is B and Some A is C and vice versa 2. All B is C and Some C is B Statement Type 5: All B is A and All C is A Possible Conclusions: 1. All B is A and All C is A 2. No B is C and vice versa 3. Some A is B and Some A is C Statement Type 6: Some A is B and B is C Possible Conclusions: 1. Some A is B and vice versa 2. No B is C and No A is C and vice versa From the given statement types and possible conclusions, you can understand the syllogism possibility questions. Along with this we have given some logical tips to find exact possibility of the conclusions for Syllogism questions. The given statements in the syllogism possibility questions having some combination of terms, we can find the term which is present in correct conclusion based on the logics, here is the logical tips for syllogism possibility questions Logical Tips: 1. All + All = All 2. All + No = No 3. All + Some = No Conclusion 4. Some + All = Some 5. Some + No = Some Not 6. Some + Some = No Conclusion Candidates can utilize either logical tips or venn diagram based on statements to solve syllogism questions. To prepare and Practice, candidates should have to gather Syllogism questions pdf and syllogism practice questions which are enriched in concepts and syllogism and also having high quality syllogism questions with answers. For that we have provided Syllogism questions pdf for candidates those who want to prepare and practice to score more marks in syllogism reasoning questions which will be ask in the competitive exams. Our Syllogism questions and answers pdf has prepared based on previous year competitive exams analysis and based on important concepts of syllogism. Surely our Syllogism example questions will enlighten your ideas about syllogism and helps to score more marks in your exams. So candidates can download our Syllogism questions pdf from this page to brush your skills to find syllogism questions.